It's your wedding day, and it belongs to you and your groom. The dress you ultimately decide on, whether you've tried only one or one hundred and fifty (only to go back to the first, or course), is totally up to you. It should be the dress that makes you feel like the most beautiful bride that has ever walked down the aisle -- because you are, after all. But just for fun, and in the wake of this past weekend's I Do Bridal Show at the Bismarck Civic Center, we've rounded up four of the most popular bridal styles and paired them with the personality types that most often choose them and the type of occasion they're most often chosen for. We've also linked you to some beautiful examples of each style that can be found right here in Bismarck.

The Princess Dress

This is what immediately leaps to most people's minds when they hear the words wedding dress -- the big swooping skirt with half a dozen layers and anything from long sleeves to a strapless sweetheart bodice. This is the perfect gown for the "girly-girl" bride with traditional tastes who has finally found her Prince Charming. You'll see these at beach weddings, black tie affairs, and just about anything in between, aside from the theme weddings and the anything-but-traditional galas. It's probably safe to say that the overwhelming majority of brides have dreamed of being a princess at some time in their lives, and many still do! What better day to live that fantasy than your wedding day?

The Mermaid Gown

The mermaid gown often begins with a strapless or one-shoulder bodice, and is fitted through the torso, hips and thighs, then flares out dramatically just above the knee, resembling a mermaid's tail. This is a great look for plus-size brides who want to show off those gorgeous curves, while also creating balance and adding a bit of froth with that eye-catching flare. These are also found at many beach weddings, for obvious reasons, and at ultra-romantic (think pastels and lace) formal affairs.

The Evening Gown

The evening gown is a fitted bodice, with or without sleeves, and a sleek skirt that molds to the bride's figure without clinging -- you want this look to resemble Carolyn Besette's, not Jessica Rabbit's -- some with a modest slit. This is most often chosen by the "modern gal" -- the bride who wants to look like a princess, but doesn't necessarily want to deal with a lot of frothy layers. These are mostly seen at very formal or upper-class events, but there are so many different variations of this style, you could make it fit just about any type of occasion.

The Party Dress

Otherwise known as the casual (at least as weddings go) dress. This tends to describe any bridal gown with a short-to-mid-length skirt. A shorter skirt is great for a young first-time bride with a sweet, somewhat flirty personality. They're also a fantastic idea for semi-formal nuptials or as a second look for the reception, because it frees up the bride's lower half a bit, making it easier to dance the night away. It's also an easy way to show off those fabulous shoes you picked out!

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