Guys, we love it when you put in a little extra effort to look amazing for us. With as much as we put ourselves through in the name of looking hot, it means a lot when you're willing to return the favor. But some efforts are simply unnecessary, while others are totally counterproductive. At the top of that list:  

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    Saggy Jeans

    This pants-based atrocity first reared it's ugly head a generation ago, and for some reason, it still endures today. But if you've ever caught a glimpse of a guy running down the street holding on to the crotch of his trousers to keep them from falling down at his present velocity, I'm guessing the words, "classy" or, "attractive" were not the first ones that came to mind. Guys, we're begging you, pull 'em up. It doesn't matter how smokin' you are otherwise, there's nothing sexy about looking like your mommy hasn't changed you in six hours.

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    Excessive or Enormous Jewelry

    We're human beings, not birds. You don't need a great deal of colorful plumage to turn our heads. In fact, in this case, less is more. We're more likely to be checking out the sparkle in your eyes than in your ears, so by all means, accessorize! Just use some common sense and keep it minimal. When in doubt, ask a woman. We won't mince words; and besides, we owe you for all those do-these-earrings-make-my-butt-look-big's.

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    Price Tags

    Have you ever seen a guy with a price tag hanging off of his hat or out of the back of his shirt? In many cases, that wasn't an oversight. He left it there on purpose, and its a complete mystery to us why. Really, are you that desperate to make sure we know exactly what brand and price point you're wearing? Here's a little secret: we don't care. You might think it says, "I'm so well off, I can drop $45 on a plain white hat," but what it really says is, "I'ma return this after I wear it."

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    Heavy Cologne

    Guys, have you ever been able to smell a woman before she even enters your line of vision? Guess what? It's just as obnoxious when the tables are turned. The whole point of wearing cologne is to make a woman want to get closer to you. But if she's gagging before she even gets within six feet, she'll do anything in her power to avoid getting closer. We love a man who smells good, but it should make us want to bury our faces in your neck... not find the nearest fire hydrant and hose you down.

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    Dressing to the Nines... But Only From the Waist Up

    It's the mullet of the fashion world -- business up top, party down below. And like the mullet, it needs to go. It's really very simple: if you're going to go casual, go casual; if you're going to dress up, dress-up. You can't have it both ways. How would we look if we paired our sexiest bustier with sweats and flip-flops on club night?

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