It takes something special to roll me out of bed at 5am, make up free with no thought of what to wear. I did that this morning for a 5am date to work on arms and abs at Pulse fitness. My brain was still asleep when I showed up for the class, signed in, grabbed our equipment and I had no idea what we would be doing. LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" comes on and instantly my body is ready for fun. We begin with arm powersets using weights and our own body weight, each moment reminding my body the benefit of pushing just a little bit harder. We stretch between sets and then we head for ab land- crunch, lift, twist- my brain visualizing abs of steel! Next thing you know it was time to stretch and go on with our day!

Thanks to my great friend Shaneille for encouraging me to get up and start my day at Pulse! We will be back for more arms and abs as we have committed to not being lazy this winter. Love that I have friends to live healthy with, it makes me want to be awake at 5am.

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