The morning started off perfect. I had the kids up, they weren’t grouchy, and they got ready in a hurry. I even had time to bake them some cinnamon rolls. They ate their breakfast, grabbed their bags, put on jackets and hats and loaded up into the car which I had warmed up and ready to go. Then at one fell swoop my good morning was taken away. I looked down at my information counsel on my dash panel and there it was, “CHECK LEFT REAR TIRE PRESSURE.” I fiddled through my cars information button and my tire pressure was at zero. “This can’t be,” I said to myself.

 I jumped out and looked, there it was, my rim resting on my tire on the pavement. The first thing I looked for was slash marks, “maybe someone had a case of road rage and followed me home” I thought to myself, it turned out like the insurance commercial that “life happens”. I couldn’t find any, so I had to go to plan B and take my girlfriends car and rush the kids to school on time while she finished getting ready. I ran the risk of her being late for work, fortunately one of our kids goes to school close to where she works so I got our oldest across town and dropped off with seconds to spare.

Then came the task of switching to my spare, shouldn’t be a problem because I have changed tires before. I broke 4 of the 5 lugs free, the fifth just wouldn’t budge. Finally, it broke free after a few minutes of cursing and all of my weight pressing down on the breaker-bar. The tire was taken off and quickly replaced with the spare and I came to the realization that I would never be part of a NASCAR pit crew with the time I spent on one tire.

My morning is finally back on track until I take my car in to get the tire replaced, and then it will be thrown off about an hour while I wait for it to get changed. I guess I could do some grocery shopping while I wait. Have you ever had this kind of morning? Not necessarily a flat tire but one small thing that threw off your whole morning. Share your story with us in the comment section below.