Going into Denzel Washington's movie "Flight" I did not expect a deep exploration into alcohol and drug abuse. Denzel Washington's character is a pilot who lives his life high on alcohol,cocaine and is always chasing the next high to simply function. "Flight" is intense, grotesque ,sombering, funny, tragic and most importantly a journey into addiction. As I watched the movie play out I began to look at my own life and choices. A substance abuser looks seemingly normal- it could be me, you, your spouse, best friend, parent, co-worker, boss or celebrity. It's the lie of addiction, the denial of a problem be it alcohol,marijuana, pill popping,cocaine, amphetamines, etc..

No one knows how much the abuser is really hurting, hiding and destroying their own lives, relationships and work. In "Flight" it is the moment that Denzel's character becomes honest with himself and his choices that his life is able to change.

If you are reading this and you are struggling with alcohol,drug abuse, addiction in any form or know someone who is- there is support.Visit the Heartview Foundation at 101 East Broadway Avenue in Bismarck,ND 58501. You can call the Heartview Foundation at (701)222-0836 or 1-800-337-3160.