There is a new super weed out that can stop a combine it its tracks! This weed currently can be found in the upper Midwest. It has not been reported in North Dakota or Minnesota yet, but is in Iowa according to the Associated Press and reported by WCCO-TV in Minneapolis.The weed known as palmer amaranth or otherwise known as Satin in some farmer circles is so tough, it can grow to be 7 feet tall and can overrun a farm field in just a few years and crowd out  producing crops like corn and soybeans. It can also stop a combine in its tracks which results in down time and costly repairs.


This threat is so severe, that officials in North Dakota have named it the weed of the year, even though it has yet to be found in the state.

In South Dakota, palmer amaranth is already stirring problems for farmers. A few scattered plants were found recently on the edge of a few fields in Buffalo County.

The characteristics of palmer amaranth are-

• Rounded leaves
• Some leaves may have
petioles longer than
leaf blade
• Dense cluster of leaves
at top of canopy

North Dakota and Minnesota are on high alert for sightings of the plant.

(source WCCO-TV)