With the political season officially underway, prepare to be bombarded with advertisements from across the political spectrum, including one featuring two Hollywood stars.

The above commercial stars actors Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland expressing their support of Measure 6 in North Dakota, which is for equal shared parenting. Basically, each parent would be given equal legal and physical custody of a child, unless one was deemed unfit.

BallotPedia.org describes Measure 6 in more detail:

The North Dakota Parental Rights Initiative, Measure 6 is on the November 4, 2014 ballot in North Dakota as an initiated state statute. The measure, upon voter approval, would create a legal presumption that each parent in a child custody case is fit to parent, unless “clear and convincing evidence” demonstrates otherwise. Furthermore, the measure would give each parent in a custody case, unless one parent is proven unfit, equal parental rights and responsibilities, parenting time, primary residential responsibility and decision making responsibility of a child.

It's relatively easy to understand why Patric is involved in the support of Measure 6, as he was stripped of his parental rights just a few years ago. He wrote the following for his website, StandUpForGus.com:

Almost four years ago, I was blessed with a baby boy named Gus. For the first 3 years of his childhood I was a consistent physical and emotional presence in his life. My world was better in every way with Gus in it…I loved being a father.

But that all changed in an instant. I was stripped of my rights as a parent. An outdated statute meant for sperm donors was applied to me simply because Gus’ mother and I were unmarried and used IVF to conceive.

Not being able to see my son for almost a year has been the worst pain that I can imagine. Except, when I think about little Gus, who has no idea what happened to his dada…one day his dada was there and the next he was gone.

The family court system is broken and in my journey I have learned of so many other stories where children have lost their parents.

North Dakotans will have the opportunity to vote on Measure 6 on the November 4th ballot.

For more information regarding Measure 6 in North Dakota, visit Valley News Live HERE.