Your average feline could have been born, lived its life, and passed on in the time it has taken estate trustees in Maine to carry out the wishes of one late Barbara Thorpe.

Thorpe passed away back in 2002, leaving behind a substantial life-savings of $200,000. Thorpe's wishes, stated in her will, were that her estate be donated to caretakers of cats in her town of Dixfield, Maine, to provide food, shelter and veterinary attention to abandoned pets and strays in the area.

Nearly a decade and a half later, KX News reports, trustees of the estate are accused of having "failed to carry out Thorpe's wishes," according to a lawsuit filed by caretakers and residents in Dixfield last week (Jan 25-29).

Maine's own Sun Journal reports that "only a few thousand dollars" have actually reached the needy kitties in fourteen years, while lawyers have been given some $16,000 and $22,000 has been shelled out to the trustees themselves.

The trustees' attorney claims that they "vehemently deny any wrongdoing."