Longview, Texas native Andrea Fox is part of the cast of new reality TV show "I Wanna Marry Harry." Fox stopped by the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning studio to discuss her role in the show, what she's looking for in a guy and the perils of reality TV.

Now, let's be clear: the show does not feature actual British royalty. The "Prince Harry" in the show is actually 24-year-old British environmental consultant Matt Hicks, who does bear a striking resemblance to Prince Harry.

Here's the show's premise (via FOX):

Reality meets romance, with a little twist, in the surprising dating show I WANNA MARRY “HARRY.” Summer love is in the air, as an average English “bloke” is given the royal treatment and an upper crust makeover before meeting 12 single American women searching for Prince Charming. Will he be able to convince them he's regal? And if he does, will they fall for the crown, or fall in love with the real him? Join “Harry” as he courts each of the ladies, taking them on romantic dates worthy of a princess and trying to make some version of their fairytales come true.


Fox, who has a pageantry background in Texas, provided a spot-on explanation of reality TV in general, and something she's hoping she won't fall victim to on the show.

"You could be the smartest person in the world, and [the producers of the show] could make you sound like an idiot," Fox said.

Check out our full interview with Fox below.