Rant Chic gives us a little insight on the absolute most annoying (read: WAY overdone) posts to which our social media friends are subjecting us day after day.

You all know the story: you sit down at your desk with your morning coffee and log on to [insert favorite social media outlet here] to cruise your timeline before putting your nose to the grind.

We can take a pretty good guess what that timeline will look like: selfie, selfie, sunset, selfie, something actually interesting, cat photos, mirror shot, misspelled "poignant" quote. And more selfies -- mirror shots, pet shots and body shots (not the fun kind), oh my!

:: Yawn! ::

In "The 25 Pictures Girls Need to Stop Posting in Social Media" (headline typo alert: it's actually only 20??), the lifestyle site RantChic.com shows what they really wish would stop cluttering up their timelines, including our favorites:

  • The sunbathing shots of your thighs that make you look like you only have stumps
  • The "look how happy we are posts" that actually make it seem like you're trying to convince yourselves by convincing everyone else
  • Pictures of the sky and Starbucks confections -- y'know, those things we would never see otherwise
  • And the most horrifying: photos of you... driving???