Last night promised to be the most dramatic Bachelor episode of the season. Tierra has spent weeks driving the other ladie's crazy and last night was sent home for her erratic emotions , sparkle and eyebrows. It wasn't that Sean knew exactly about the sparkle or eyebrows it was how Tierra described herself " My family says I have sparkle and not to lose it to the other girls on the show" or the best quote of the night " I can't help what my eyebrow does, people get mad at me because of my eyebrows or how I look, I can't walk around smiling all the time I would be tired". Sean sends Tierra packing after taking the women out across the island of St. Croix - one on one dates and group dates, watching the sunrise, traveling through the forest, walking the beach. Sean even flew his sister in to help him with the decision making process, Sean confessed he could see himself with each lady who remained on the show.

Sean had been told by contestant Ashley that contestant Tierra was not who she represented herself to be. This bit of information/contestant gossip began to put a wall up between with Sean and Tierra. Ultimately Tierra's personality/competitiveness would lead to her own demise- Sean came to get her to meet his sister and Tierra was so emotionally distraught that Sean said it was wrong to keep her on the show any longer. Off Tierra went with her sparkle and eyebrows. In the final rose ceremony emotionally closed off Leslie got the boot.

Next episode Sean goes home with the ladies and discovers more of who they really are. Were you on Team Tierra or was it time for Tierra to go? Do you have to be friends with people you are competing with? Can you recognize a time when your emotions got in the way of what you really wanted? Do you sparkle - don't lose it :)