Across the nation, micro-breweries are popping up all over and in each state in the union. It is rumored that even the White House makes its own brew. complied a list of the best beers in the nation. Here's the criteria-

" Quantity and quality are both important, but quality's a bit MORE important. If you're a small state turning out a disproportionate amount of great beer, it did not go unrecognized. They also gave a boost to states who played a historical role in American beer as we know it today.

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Having said that, according to the survey the best beer is in Oregon.

"Oregon’s long been at the forefront of the craft industry, with brewers like Widmer Brothers, Rogue, Full Sail, and Deschutes leading the national charge as gateway beers for people who want something more out of their pints.

Also at the top of the list - California, Michigan, Colorado and Washington.

In the bottom of the list included Mississippi, West Virginia and Rhode Island.  Also in the bottom 5 is North Dakota. According to

"You’d think that two decades of enduring wood-chipper jokes would drive more North Dakotans to drink, but noh... noh, there’s not much brewing going on here, though a can of Fargo Brewing Co.’s Iron Horse Pale Ale is a mighty fine treat.

The complete list is very interesting. Share your thoughts with us!