The Bismarck Police Department reveal their brand new design for the patrol cars that you'll start to see in the city.

The design is a more traditional black and white theme. The new design will be phased in as the department changes out its fleet over the next three years. They change out about five to six marked units per year so the public will still see the current marked squads along with the new ones.

According to Chief Donlin-

“It was to go a little retro, but with updated, current graphics to make our cars look sharp and classy…and they did a very good job,”

Other items you'll notice are-

    • “To Protect and to Serve” will be on the squad cars/ trucks.
    •   the cars are ordered in all black and then a white wrap is placed on the side doors.
    • The department’s website and Facebook address will be included on the rear bumper of the cars.
Bismarck Police Department

The current design has been in place for over 9 years.