It started before daylight with temperatures in the teens across Bismarck-Mandan, here it is Black Friday as merchants offered deals up to 50% off regular retail prices. Parking spots were at a premium as early as 5:45 A.M..

Shoppers got into the spirit as some dressed up with lights, bows and holiday costumes. Some of the big deals people got out of bed for were 52 inch TV's, at 50% off retail price, at this price, less than 100 were available. Of course, the retailers never tell you that little bit of information. One retailer was offering buy 2 toys get one free. Shoppers will find the biggest discounts on electronics and gadgets such as I Pads, cameras and audio equipment.

Then once complete, shoppers loaded up their cars and trucks and scurried to the next retailer to score more big discounts.

Many retailors will continue to have specials and huge discounts on various items throughout the weekend as many other specials will continue throughout the holiday season. Some items, even though scarce, will get bigger discounts as the holiday seasons nears Christmas.

Did you get out to shop early this morning?