A Moorhead mother breast-feeding her baby at a city swimming pool was told "cover up next time" has caused outrage with the possibility of protesting.

Thursday, Kayla Heller of Moorhead was told to cover up next time she breast feeds at a public pool from a staff member has caused outrage on social media and could possibly lead to protest. Women are allowed to breast-feed openly in any public place in Minnesota and North Dakota, according to state law.

Kayla said she loves to take her kids to their swimming lesson and that it's unfortunate to see the place (city pool) get any negative attention. But she also says it was wrong for a staff member to tell her to cover up.

Once her story made it to social media, a group of breast-feeding moms are now planning a breast-feeding nurse in protest at the city pool today (7/17) at 1 PM.

According to an interview with a local news outlet-

Holly Heitkamp, the director of Moorhead’s Parks and Recreation Department, said it was “simply a mistake.”

The training for pool staff members includes the fact that women have the right to breast-feed without a cover, Heitkamp said. But somehow, she said, a staff member “thought what she was doing was right” when she told Heller to cover up.

The staff member made the comment to Heller after hearing that a male lifeguard was feeling “uncomfortable,” Heitkamp said.


Telling a mother to cover up in not only illegal, it's also hurtful and shameful for the mother.

Andrew Burton / Getty