A Sacramento cab driver ended up being the one taken for a ride last week, after a passenger hopped in his cab and asked him to bring him to Mandan, only to stiff him on the fare once he arrived.

According to CBS13 in Sacramento, cabbie Enaytayullah Hoseny was approached by 25-year old Matthew Blackhanson and asked if he could take him to Mandan.

Because Hoseny needed the cash, he agreed to make the over 22-hour drive. In return, Blackhanson would pay him over $1,200, which was quite the discount, considering the cab fare should have been upwards of $5,000.

So, once the terms were decided, Hoseny and Blackhanson headed to Mandan. Blackhanson gave Hoseny $240 up front and said his fiancee would deliver the rest once they arrived in Mandan. Unfortunately, when the duo arrived, Blackhanson's fiancee was nowhere in sight.

Once he realized that he himself had actually been the one taken for a ride, Hoseny called the cops, who promptly arrested Blackhanson on an outstanding warrant.

Without payment for the cab fare, though, Hoseny was stranded. He ended up sleeping in a homeless shelter for a night before returning to the gas station he had been stiffed at. It was there that that true North Dakota spirit showed its head, as the gas station allowed Hoseny to fill up his cab. They also gave him money and food to help with the drive back to Sacramento.

When asked if he had any advice for other cab drivers out there, Hoseny relayed the following:

I tell all the taxi drivers in the world, do not do this. This is so crazy and risky and even stupid.