North Dakota has some of the cheapest prices for a pack of smokes in comparison to other states in the country. Here is a rundown of the states with the cheapest price for a pack of cigarettes.

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  • Kentucky 4.96
  • North Dakota 5.04
  • West Virginia 5.07
  • Oklahoma 5.19
  • Idaho 5.25

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Now for the most expensive states

  • Alaska 9.59
  • Arizona 9.65
  • Hawaii 9.68
  • Illinois 11.59
  • New York 14.50

Now really, at $14.50 a pack, wouldn't you say it's about time to quit? This price for a pack of smokes, not to mention the additional costs to insurance a smoker must pay and so on. North Dakota is also know to have the smallest cigarette sales tax per pack.