Too soon? A Dallas area man has elaborately decorated his yard for Halloween, but in questionable taste.

James Faulk, of University Park in Texas, where very recently the first U.S. cases of Ebola were confirmed, has quite convincingly transformed his front yard in to a  scene that's all-too-real for some Texas residents.

With caution tape across the windows and stacked barrels marked "Biohazard" adorning the property, Faulk's home appears to have been the most recent decontamination site due to the dangerous virus.

But its all just Halloween decor.

Faulk admits that it may indeed be "too soon," saying, "There's negative people everywhere and they are going to give me grief about it but it's all in good fun."

We can't help thinking that some just might not see it that way.

"It is Halloween, but it is scary because the Ebola was happening in Dallas," neighbor Jill Grover says. Grover's kids attend the High School across the street from the Faulk residence. She says, while she's not personally offended, she can imagine that others might be.

While there's little doubt that Faulk's intent is certainly not malicious, maybe this display should have waited until next year.