Niall Horan of One Direction had a lot of conflicting emotions this week. Not only were he and his bandmates nominated for a bunch of MTV Video Music Awards, but he also got to hang out with his idol, John Mayer -- and he was also disturbed in his sleep by eager Directioners.

Horan posted the above photo of himself and the 'Paradise Valley' crooner after one of Mayer's shows. Mayer gifted Nialler with a signed guitar, and the 'Best Song Ever' heartthrob couldn't stop gushing, writing, "Met the best guitarist of our generation last night, unbelievable musician, great guy! After 'Gravity' he walked over handed me this, legend! One of those moments."

So sweet! And maybe it's the least Horan can do since he did smooch Mayer's lady, Katy Perry, at last year's VMAs.

Something that made Horan a little less than happy? Fans calling up his hotel room and waking him up! The ever-cheery Irishman tweeted his frustration, but tried to make it clear that he wasn't actually upset -- just sleepy.

Gotta love his positive outlook, right?