As a dog owner and lover, I read a story like this and I have to wonder, why would someone want to do something like this?

Elgin, North Dakota is having a rash of pets being poisoned and local law officials are investigating according to KX-News/ Bismarck. According to officials, a total of 10 dogs are being treated with vitamin K in the town of about 600.

Tim P. Whitby/ Getty Images

Grant Country Sheriff Bay says the investigation is a top priority.

"We're getting a lot of calls on it. The vet is getting a lot of calls on it. It's a serious situation."

So far, one dog has died and the others are getting treatment from the local vet. As a dog owner and animal love, I can not tell you what I would do if I found someone that would intentionally try to injure and kill my dogs. I would probably be in jail.

If you information to help the local officials to help solve this case, you're urged to call the grant Country Sheriffs Department.

(Source- KXMB)