Joey Dee

Working in Radio, especially for a Top 40 station, usually means you work when everyone else wants to be out and about. Many times, this means the secondary holidays.

My son turned 7 this year. Since his first Halloween back in 2008, every Halloween, I've ended up having to work late enough that I haven't been able to head out with my kids to trick-or-treating. One year, I was able to get back in time to catch my wife and son at the end of their route, but that's as close as it's been for me.

This year, for the first time since either of my kids were born (and thanks to the blessing from my forgiving boss) I was able to take both of them out!

Seeing the joy in their faces as the collected their bounty was one of the better feelings I've had in my time as a father. Also, being able to be there, flashlight in hand, when my daughter got spooked by someone's decorations, made it a proud dad for me as a dad.

Don't miss out on these precious moments. That's all I can say.