Davies High School senior Austin Braham really knows how to throw an event -- and treat his fellow students.

Braham spent some $2,000 buying out an entire cinema at West Acres for the Thursday night (Apr. 30) premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Braham bought the 200 tickets in March and sold the majority of them to fellow Davies students and staff at face value. He explains:

I made no profit on the deal, it's just going to be really cool... I had like a little ticket booth set up in the cafeteria and we had people come up and buy them. We sold 15 a day that way... it's the biggest movie of the year coming out and the fact that we got it and we have the promotion through Marcus, this is... going to be a cool experience.

Braham bought the tickets with no guarantee they would sell, making the endeavor a bit of a gamble, but he describes it as "blind faith" that turned out to be worth it.

Faith in humanity restored.