NDSU sophomore Suzie Marin recently encountered a cab driver who made her so uncomfortable, she feared he might harm her, or worse.

After her car had been towed, Marin called Doyle's Cab Company for a lift to go pick it up. Soon after getting on the road, the driver began asking wildly inappropriate questions about her personal life.

After inexplicably inquiring on her health status, the Doyle's driver went on to ask her if her car had been towed because she had broken the law. Confused, Marin answered both questions; then it really got weird.

He asked her if she had a boyfriend, then offered to give her his number so he could come over to her house and "comfort" her after his shift.

Says Marin:

I could've easily been overpowered by him. We were on a back road in Moorhead and I had no idea where I was. I had no idea what was going to happen, if he was going to lock the doors.  

A highly agitated Marin asked the driver to simply drop her off at the nearest gas station; to her relief, he complied.

Aside from having her fair refunded for the nerve-inducing ride, Marin has filed an official complaint against the driver.

I don't know what someone like that would do with someone who is drunk in the backseat. Someone who is not able to make those decisions... He made me scared for my life. I don't think that that's okay and I think he should be fired.