Deer hunting is a religion in the Midwest and even more so in North Dakota. To legally hunt deer in NoDak, you need a license and it seems as though it'll be getting more difficult to actually get one.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

According to The AP, State Game and Fish Department wildlife chief Randy Kreil says 48,000 licenses will be available to hunters this fall, 11,500 fewer than last year.

It seems as though research proves that deer populations is in decline especially in the eastern area of the state. Kreil goes on to say,

Even after five years of reducing gun licenses, deer populations are still below management objectives in most units. Currently, only three units meet or exceed management goals. High quality deer habitat continues to be lost statewide and will limit the potential for population recovery.

This is not good news for the thousands of men and women that want to legally hunt for deer this coming season.

You will be able to draw one license for deer gun season and one for the muzzleloader season.

Online applications begin soon on May 5th.

(source AP)