French Montana and Miley Cyrus may not seem to have much in common, but they both love two things a lot: hip-hop and smoking weed.

The Bad Boy MC told MTV News of Cyrus, "That’s my dog. That’s my peoples. We became friends at the Clive Davis Grammy party. I was sitting there with Puff. She was sitting there with Wiz [Khalifa]. She just kept looking at me laughing, I kept on looking at her laughing," he admitted. "I said, 'What you laughing at?' She said, 'I know you high like me.'"


"After that, we became mad cool," Montana added. "I went over to the studio, just kicking it. ... We [are] working on something now,” he said. “That’s just cool peoples.”

Montana's album, 'Excuse My French,' is slated to drop May 21. Cyrus' own project has no set release date, but collabos with ('Fall Down') and Snoop Lion ('Ashtrays and Heartbreaks') have hit the Internet -- and she's got collabos with Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell Williams on deck too.

Listen to Snoop Lion 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks' Feat. Miley Cyrus