Anyone who is an older sibling knows this feeling. At one point or another, you try to get rid of your younger counterpart in one way or another. Well, this girl has come up with a plan, and tries to convince her father it's the way to go!

YouTuber berge95 put up this video of his daughter who has come up with a plan to sell her brother because "something in him is wrong." Her plan, sell her brother to the pet store so she can use the money to purchase a new toy owl. Don't worry though, she also has a plan to buy him back from the store... but only after she gets her new toy.

Being the middle child, I'm sure there were plenty of times that my older brother tried his hardest to get rid of me, as I know there were countless times I thought of ways to get rid of my younger sister. I don't think any of us really put enough though into our plans as to include a buy back clause.

Kids theses days... smarter than ever!