A Swedish man was out walking through the woods when he comes across a GoPro camera lying on the ground. Not seeing anyone around to claim it, he took it home to see if he could use the video contained on it to find it's owner

What he did find is absolutely amazing.

The hiker found the camera, and it's memory card, still in tact. When he viewed the last video shot with the camera, it leaves us wondering how that was possible.

The video starts with a skydiver jumping out of a plane with 3 friends. When 2 of them collide mid-air, the GoPro falls out of its holder and free falls 10,000 ft. back to the ground. After bouncing off the ground, the camera still rolls, appearing to not be damaged.

Kristoffer Örstadius uploaded the last video to YouTube, hoping to find the owner of the camera. 24 hours after uploading the video, the owner was found and the camera returned.

If I ever needed a reason to buy a GoPro for my kids... I think I found it! If it can withstand a 10,000 ft. free fall and still work, I think it can stand up to my destructive kids!