Have you ever had somebody working customer service be so polite to you? I recently had somebody who provided excellent customer service to me and trust me, it meant more to me than he probably realized.

My cable and internet stopped working earlier this week, so the company sent somebody to my house the next day to fix it. Here are all the ways he provided excellent customer service to me:

  • Waited at my house until I showed up
  • Chatted with me while we waited for things to load/set up
  • Was polite and friendly the whole time
  • Called his coworker to bring another cable box over when his replacements still weren't working
  • Came back after all his appointments were over to fix my still not working cable
  • Stayed until the entire job was done, even though I offered for him to leave since I felt bad that he was essentially staying late at work
  • Apologized when he found out a job that just took two and a half hours could have been done in ten minutes.

Even though most customers would have been frustrated that it took so long, I didn't even mind because he was so friendly, polite, and ready to fix my problems.

Have you ever had outstanding customer service?