Think of all your memories of your mom, the good times,bad times and in between. On Mother's Day it makes us all remember how we ended up in this world together- our mom's. Mother's Day is a little harder for me because I live and work far away from the one person who means more to me than anything.

I send cards or gifts but I know nothing could replace spending time with her. It's ironic because when I was younger I remember fighting with my mom often,disagreeing and not getting along.I realized it's silly to fight with the one person who made you so much of who you are. Today I can see all the gifts my mom gave me. While we may never see eye to eye on everything I count my blessings every day I get another day with my mom.

Here are some of the gifts my mom gave to me:

1) Life

2) Knowledge of God

3) Courage

4) Strength

5) Guidance


7)Keeping an open mind