A favorite team... Every sports fan has one. Some of us take our support a bit farther than most, though…

On any given day, you’ll most likely see me with one of my Sounders Jersey on… or my Sounders Warm-up top… or one of my Sounders Jackets… Possibly even a scarf.

Even if I don’t have anything that I am wearing, my car boldly professes my passion for the Sounders with the license plate “SSFC” (short for Seattle Sounders Football Club). I do not hide that my favorite team is The Seattle Sounders.

I have found that I am not much different than most sports fans in this area (well… except I seem to be the only Soccer fan…)

Most days, while driving around Bis-Man, I see cars with bumper stickers and decals for NDSU, UND, The Minnesota Vikings, and many many other teams.

You probably even have some of the same traditions when it comes to your favorite team as I do.

For example, I always wear the same clothes for a rivalry match. (As my favorite write says “You NEVER break the luck.”). When pre-gaming before a home match, my group of friends always drink an Irish Car Bomb, and make the slowest drinker pay for the round. I’ll even grow out (what little I have of a) beard when my team is on a winning streak.