Summertime, Party time for some. BACtrack is a group the analyzes states and peoples drinking habits. They did this same type of research in December for the holidays, now they are back at it to find the drunkest states during the summer months.

So just how drunk of a summertime state is North Dakota? You'll find out shortly. First the methodology.

Data for the BACtrack Consumption Report was collected anonymously from users of the BACtrack app, which syncs with BACtrack mobile and BACtrack Vio smartphone breathalyzers, and represents 71,618 unique BAC tests collected from June 1, 2014 through August 31, 2014. Data used in the report was collected from U.S. users with data storage activated, location services turned on, and does not represent data from all users.

Through this data, BACtrack ranked the states with the highest and lowest BAC, which is short for blood alcohol content.

Johannes Simon / Getty Images

The winners (highest BAC) or the big party states

  1. West Virginia   .103
  2. Nevada    .095
  3. Pennsylvania   .088
  4. Nebraska    .082  (what in the heck are they doing in NE?)

The least drunkest states -

  • Kentucky  .039
  • Delaware   .042
  • Wash DC    . 042

The Midwest neighbor numbers are Minnesota at .055, Montana, .072 and South Dakota is at .072.

North Dakota is holding our own at .065, for the summer time party state which is average.