I was surprised! Being on Facebook has been part of my job for a while now. I get paid to be on Facebook, and I feel that being that this is part of my job, I look at Facebook completely different from the way the average person looks and reads Facebook.

Bloomberg-Getty Images

The Same applies to radio, we folks in broadcasting listen to radio completely different from the average listener. Having said all of that, there is now an application that determines how much time you've wasted on Facebook. It's call the FACEBOOK TIME MACHINE and this will open your eyes to how much time you wasted on the social page.

Being as Facebook is celebrating it's 10th birthday next week, I challenge you to see how much time you wasted on Facebook. I've been a hold out. I was very late in becoming a member, being a child that resists change, I was still using MY SPACE until the very end.

Here are my results- Facebook is 3,646 days old. You've belonged for 2,364 of them and posted 10,472 things to your feed in that time That equals to 65 days, 12 hours and 7 minutes since I joined in August of 2007.

According to TIMETECH.COM this app  runs through the timestamps on every post in your feed until it reaches the  earliest one, which it uses as the estimated date that you created your profile.  Users who are extraordinarily active on the site may get an estimate that is  considerably later than the actual date that they joined.

Depending on how long you've been a member of Facebook and how active you are on the social media site, this calculation can take a while to get your results. It took over 6 minutes for me to get my results.

How many days do you think you've spent on Facebook since becoming a member?