Instagram has easily become the most popular social media platform out there, but just how many people out there are sharing pictures of our fine state of North Dakota? The answer is slightly dissapointing... 

Pixable took some time to see just how popular each of the 50 states in the country were based solely on how many times posts show up inside their tag.

We wanted to know: Of the 50 states, which one has the most pride on Instagram? On Monday, August 19th, we thoroughly searched the name of each state on the app under the “tags” filter and determined the most popular ones on Instagram based on their total number of posts.

Bad news for us here in North Dakota... We come in DEAD LAST! Of the 50 states in the union, we have the fewest posts on Instagram using #northdakota.

With how breath-taking this state can be, this is slightly disappointing to us. We can also fix this! Get out there and tag all your 'grams with #northdakota!

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