Jason Derulo called in to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning to talk about his new hit song "Talk Dirty," the viral lip-sync video featuring One Direction and more.

"Kellie, you have his shirt hanging in your room, it's still all sweaty and stuff," said J-Si.

"I just washed it because I wore it yet again," Kellie said. "I wear the heck out of my Jason Derulo stolen t."

Lucky for Kellie, Derulo wasn't freaked out by Kellie's apparent crush -- or the fact that she got the shirt from Jenna, who stole his sweaty shirt from his dressing room after a performance at a Kidd's Kids benefit concert.

"It took me forever to wash it," Kellie admitted. "I extracted as much of your DNA as possible, then decided to launder it."

TMI much, Kellie?

Derulo, who called in from New York, went on to reveal his favorite lyric from "Talk Dirty" and how the star-studded 'Celebrities Talk Dirty' video, featuring Robin Thicke, Ariana Grande and One Direction, came together.

Check out the full interview with Jason Derulo below.