J. Lo called in to the Kidd Kraddick show to talk about her new album "AKA," its debut single "First Love" and her favorite singer to cover at karaoke.

Before Lopez could actually speak, J-Si and Big Al were all worked up thanks to "AKA"'s super-hot album cover. On it, J-Lo wears a very revealing dress with belt straps covering her breasts.

"You're welcome," Lopez said, laughing.

But Lopez was more worried more about how fierce she looks in the photo.

"I kind of struggled a bit [with the photo]," she revealed. "I was like, 'did I look a little bit more friendly.' I'm so intense in that picture."

Lopez was assured by friends that saw the picture that it was a keeper. She also delved a little into the song-writing process. What's the goal for a great J.Lo song? Surprisingly, it's the lyrics.

"When I'm writing songs and when I'm working on songs, I always think, 'do I want to sing this out loud in a club or in my car?' That's like a criteria for girls when it comes to music," she said.

She also revealed her favorite artist to sing at karaoke. Her choice? Madonna. It's not surprising that J. Lo enjoyed covering the Material Girl; Madonna did pave the way for women in music.

Jennifer Lopez's new album "AKA" is out June 17. Check out her full interview with Kidd Kraddick in the Morning below.