Katy Perry called in to the show to talk about her new video for "Birthday" and what it was like getting dressed up -- and down -- for the hilarious clip.

Perry cutely struggled at the start of the interview, admitting the time zone differences -- and her lack of an entire almond latté before the interview -- were affecting her ability to speak.

"I can't finish a sentence right now," Perry said. "I'm so off my game."

Kellie Rasberry pressed her: "We're going to ask you everything, and you're going to answer, Katy!"

"You sound like my southern mother that I never had," Perry replied.

Ever the joker, Perry went on to explain the process of dressing up as five crazy characters and crashing actual parties in her new video, "Birthday."

"I created the world's worst birthday entertainer characters, and they're all quite deranged like myself," she said. "They vary from an 85-year-old senior stripper to an animal trainer from north Florida."

A lot of the footage in the video was staged, and Perry noted that the parties had signed up thinking they were part of a reality TV show. So, don't worry -- no actual partygoers were harmed in the making of "Birthday"!

Perry explained how it took up to seven hours to transform into the characters, which required fake teeth, moles and more. Watching the video, it's hard not to say the effort was worth it.

Watch Katy Perry's video for "Birthday" below