Who needs a 'Manicure?' Little Monsters do! Lady Gaga is giving her fans a 'Manicure.' She teased a minute of the new 'ARTPOP' song in her latest live rehearsal clip as she preps for her iTunes Wireless Festival performance on Sunday, Sept. 1, which will be streamed live at 4 PM ET.

Watch Gaga's dancers put glittery boots on her feet while she performs in a bra and stockings. Perhaps she'll be doing live costume changes during this perf, which she is calling "#SwineFest," like she did at the VMAs.

Since this a practice run, and the acoustics aren't that great, we can only get a limited feel for 'Manicure.' But it sounds like it's full, rich, bold and organic track, like Ma Monster herself.

It also sounds like an uptempo rocker, as opposed to synthy, overly electronic pop, which is what we were expecting from 'ARTPOP.' It comes across as a rock jam with lots of rhythmic heft, thanks to the handclaps and percussion.

Notice that Gaga has that look in her eye. Katy Perry may sing about having the eye of the tiger in 'ROAR' but Gaga is giving that off in her stare as she performs. And this is just a practice, for God's sake. It's going to be on when Gaga hits that stage on Sunday.