A handyman from Pennsylvania is annoyed after attempting to pay a $25 parking ticket with pennies, and being told he could not.

Justin Greene, of Chambersburg, received a ticket in the amount of $25 for parking on the wrong side of the street for 10 minutes. Thinking the fine steep for the violation, Greene "passive-aggressively" (according to KX News) presented city officials with 50 rolls of pennies.

Even though pennies are legal U.S. currency and the 50 rolls, worth 50 cents each, represented payment in full, the officials refused to accept his payment in that form.

The city claims that the "payment of 2,500 pennies wasn't allowed under a federal rule designating the copper coins as small change - not tender for debts greater than 25 cents," KX News goes on to report.

Greene, who therefore still hasn't paid the fine, says he is currently considering other legally-acceptable means to get even with the city.