There's no doubt Kellie Rasberry would love a date with George Clooney. Heck, so would Jenna! But this week, the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning crew hung out with Jean Allen, the woman who won a contest that scored her a date with the famous actor.

Allen revealed that winning the grand prize was not only a complete surprise to her, but that she entered a charity contest without having that prize in mind to begin with! Of course, she had no complaints when she learned she'd be spending an evening in the company of the award-winning actor.

She revealed that Clooney was very kind to her and her daughter when they met him. What a class-act! But was there a love connection?

"Oh, he's very professional," Allen said. "He's really professional."

Check out the Kidd Kraddick Best of the Day clip below for the full interview with Allen, and please join us in asking J-Si 'WTF?' when it came to his question about what George Clooney smells like. Seriously, J-Si -- George Clooney smells like George Clooney.