“Hello everyone! My name is Gunnar Swanson, and I’m the manager of the Mandan Anytime Fitness and I also work closely with the South Bismarck Anytime Fitness. I’ve been involved in the health and fitness industry for nearly 8 years, doing everything from personal training, to writing for fitness websites and blogs. I’m a Certified Fitness Trainer through the International Sport Sciences Association, and I received my degree from Valley City State University, where I studied psychology and health sciences. I’ve always felt that a strong mind was every bit as important as a strong body, and having both truly leads to a more happy and enjoyable life.

The fitness industry is absolutely full of information. The problem is that there is so much information based on views, opinions, and pseudo-science, that it can be hard to tell what is actually true and what will work to help people achieve their fitness and health goals. I’ve spent the last several years reading everything I can on fitness, training, and nutrition so I can help people clear through the fog of misinformation out there, and help them find what truly works. It is something I truly love, and I plan on continuing to learn more and more, as well as share what I learn with anyone looking for help achieving their fitness goals.”

-Gunnar Swanson, Manager of the Mandan Anytime Fitness