Miley Cyrus can't be stopped. No seriously. The Chanel cuff-wearing singer has shed her teenybopper image, but she returns to high school as a bad, baaaad girl in Mike Will Made It's '23' video.

Wearing a cheerleader uniform that's all sorts of turnt up, she raps and flashes lots of skin, smoking in the girls' room and sexing up the gymnasium.

Yeah, so it's Miley Cyrus, rap star, taking over Mike Will Made It's video. Not even fellow features Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J can wrest control away from Miley.

Mike is pretty much a guest in his own video, since it's all about her. He is benefitting from Miley's PR machine, though!

Miley wants to be street and hip-hop, and that's what she is in this clip. She doesn't twerk, but the foam finger makes an appearance. So does the tongue.

Are you buying it?