Have you ever been involved in a scandalous relationship, illicit affair or been married to someone who cheated? Well last night ABC went there in their TV programming. I watched partly ready to puke in my mouth that ABC was glorifying infidelity and part super curious to how this topic was going to be portrayed.

Let's start with the opening scene of sex, Alyssa Milano rocking a man she's not married to's world. Followed by the dance of two people wearing wedding rings encountering each other and their marriages that no longer exist. Then the real estate agent who is sleeping with her boss. Then zoom to the psychiatrist sleeping with her dying patient who is married.

The dialogue was "difficult relationships" as one mistress sits next to a wife at her husband's funeral. Another cast member discovers her perfect husband had a child outside of their marriage.

I was fascinated because our entire world is built on relationships-the commitment's we know and then the dark/secret/behind the scenes/undercover relationships that nobody talks about.Are you watching ABC's "Mistresses"? Do you think a show like this glorifies cheating? Do you think it gives men a bad stereotype of being unfaithful? Have you been in a relationship that no one knows about?

I want to hear what you think!