Meet Cassie, she has been married to my dad for most of my adult life. She married my father after I graduated High School, so she insists on me not calling her mom. 

The funniest thing about her not wanting to be called mom is that she loves to be called Grandma by the grandbabies.

The thing that was always remarkable about my relationship with Cassie is that, even though she didn't want to be called mom, she always has a maternal instinct with me.

About a year after I finished getting surgery, I started training for the Get Your Guts in Gear rides. Cassie and my Father joined me. The ride is 210 miles over 3 days, and requires a lot of training to complete. Forever the athlete, I would push harder and harder to be ready for the ride. My body wasn't quite ready for that kind of push. She knew this, even when I wasn't willing to admit it. She was the greatest training partner I could have because she would slow down the pace or even call it a day.

Thanks for the help, and for always keeping a eye on me Cassie... even if you don't like me calling you Mom!

With Mother’s Day this week, I wanted to take each day to tell you about the mothers that mean the most to me. Each day, I will talk about one of the many Mothers in my life, and just how much I appreciate them