This is my wife's mother, Leslie. The relationship that I've had with her has been as far from typical as possible. Most of the time, in a very good way.

My first time meeting Leslie was... well... interesting. It's actually a funny story now. My first date with my wife ended with me spending the night at her apartment. The next morning, I woke up to nobody else in the bed. After gaining my bearings, I walked out to her living room and kitchen. Sitting at the breakfast bar was her Daughter (who spent the night at Grandma's) and Grandma (who lived in another apartment in the same complex). Looking back, I'm just glad I put pants on before leaving the bedroom.

That was the start of a less than typical relationship between me and my soon-to-be Mother-In-Law.

She never lived very far away (up until we moved out here), but it never felt like she was interfering with our lives. She was always there if we needed a last minute babysitter, or if my wife needed a ride somewhere because I had to work long hours.

It's stereotypical to hate your Mother-In-Law for whatever reason. I know a couple of people that I feel sorry for because they really do have to deal with the worst stereotypes in their mother-in-law. I can honestly say I like my Mother-In-Law. I don't know if that's weird... but I like it.

Joey Dee

Thanks Mom, for being cool and not making me hate my wife's family all the time

With Mother’s Day this week, I wanted to take each day to tell you about the mothers that mean the most to me. Each day, I will talk about one of the many Mothers in my life, and just how much I appreciate them.