Friday night, I got to experience something I have been looking forward to since I moved out here.

Sitting out on my deck with my favorite brew in one hand and a cigar in the other, I sat back and watched as the first, of what I am told will be many, thunderstorms rolled through the area.

I love thunderstorms. We would get them every now and again in Seattle, but they would always include lots of rain, and way too many clouds in the area to see much. When you could actually see the lightning strike, it was so close to you that you hid inside away from view. When I heard that you could sit out and watch a thunderstorm all night out in North Dakota, I was excited for the season to come around.

Watching the clouds roll in from the southwest, the flashes of blue and white seemed to dance in and out of the clouds as they rolled through the plains. Watching for over an hour, it seemed to head straight for my apartment, only to dodge completely around it, allowing me to sit on my deck longer in awe of the spectacle of light dancing around me.

I tried to get some pictures and video of the amazing sight, but my phone just couldn't capture it.

I may have to borrow a better camera next time around.