While North Dakota is in the top 10 in many categories from everything from the quality of life to the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Here is a category that I'm not sure that we can be so proud about. North Dakota falls in at 12 in the states that have the highest rate to insure a car.


Now there are varying factors according to Insure.com, the 2014 report indicates that  car insurance premiums vary from state to state for several reasons – including the number of urban areas, traffic conditions, state insurance laws, the percentage of drivers who are uninsured, auto thefts and the number of car insurance companies competing for business.

The average cost for auto insurance is $1710 annually in North Dakota. The other states that have NoDak beat in  this category include Michigan at #1 followed by West Virginia, Georgia, Wash DC, Rhode Island and Montana. The Cheapest car insurance states include Ohio, Maine and New Hampshire.

(Source Insure.com)