Radio holiday party's are minor level rockstar events. Every one takes off their business/public image hat and gets to lose their mind. Inappropriateness is acceptable, drinking, pranking, making fun of, food , fun- all is allowed. The holiday party shows strategic office friendship alliances, allows people to release their inner wild child and celebrate all of our hard work together.

Tonight the Bismarck-Mandan Townsquare Media team will celebrate at Midway Lanes! Here are a few rules I abide by to make the most of the night!

1) Show up- skipping the office party can come off as callous or careless so be there!

2) Talk to everyone- meet your coworkers spouse, friends, learn more about the team you work hard with everyday.

3) Drink responsibly- have one or two but don't turn into a sloppy, mean spirited, could take your clothes off or say something you regret mess.

4) Have fun- play,laugh, let loose, forget work for a little while.

5) Don't judge- you don't have to agree with everything your coworker says or does, just be and enjoy the night.

6) Think of how lucky you are to have an office party- so many people hate their jobs or will never have a chance to do work they love. This party celebrates living the dream of RADIO.

What are your office holiday party rules? Do you go, do you skip it? Wildest thing you have done at an office holiday party?