According to an article by Emily Morris on, one of the funnest and most effective ways to solidify your bonds with your partner is to get physical outside the bedroom... No, not like that!

This isn't about getting him to try yoga because you've always loved it or finally agreeing to let him teach your how to rock-climb. It's about getting out and trying something brand new together -- something neither of you have ever tried before.

Emily explains:

Trying new activities with another person... has been shown to improve relationships. This experience lends to a discussion about likes and dislikes during which you can get to know the other person better. A new activity can also be seen as a challenge, allowing you to form a team or cheer each other on.


Or engage in a little friendly competition -- whatever gets those feel-good endorphins pumping. It will lead to an overall positive experience together, and the memory of how much fun you had will make you want to get out and do it again.

So go on: Go outside and play this weekend!