Monday marks the first time the Boston Marathon will be run since the tragic events of the 2013 bombings, and more than 40 North Dakotans have made the trek to the east coast to participate in the annual event.

Get the complete list of North Dakota athletes and follow their journey through the the 118th running of the Boston Marathon by tracking them throughout the race.

5966 6-Jan Aalgaard Kelly, Gina 37 F Lisbon ND USA
17018 9-Feb Allen, Chuck 55 M Bismarck ND USA
205 1-Jan Amondson, Mark C 31 M Williston ND USA
1248 2-Jan Askvig, Joshua 31 M Bismarck ND USA
18443 1-Mar Backlund, David B. 56 M Fargo ND USA
5226 6-Jan Bartz, Jeremiah 33 M Bismarck ND USA
13927 5-Feb Beiswanger, Lynn 59 M Bismarck ND USA
10406 2-Feb Belzer, Bernie 51 F Bismarck ND USA
21622 4-Mar Benz, Kristi E 48 F Steele ND USA
20790 3-Mar Braun, Stephanie A. 42 F Bismarck ND USA
12132 4-Feb Brunette, Leslie A 38 F West Fargo ND USA
794 1-Jan Carollo, Kevin A. 45 M Fargo ND USA
23040 6-Mar Christianson, Kimberly 50 F Fargo ND USA
9877 1-Feb Cornell, Carissa R. 28 F Mandan ND USA
21304 4-Mar Crothers, Holly K 53 F Bismarck ND USA
16197 8-Feb Dannewitz, Holly 33 F Grand Forks ND USA
16261 8-Feb Eliason, Jessica 31 F Thompson ND USA
2954 3-Jan Hager, Mark 48 M Bismarck ND USA
29062 3-Apr Hagler, David 49 M Bismarck ND USA
12878 4-Feb Hanson, Mike E 51 M Mandan ND USA
15632 7-Feb Hill, Sarah J 31 F Bismarck ND USA
20658 3-Mar Hintz, Ray 65 M Bismarck ND USA
17564 9-Feb Holding Eagle, Lisa 31 F Dickinson ND USA
6247 7-Jan Jensen, Jon J. 48 M Grand Forks ND USA
17494 9-Feb Johannes, Mandy 27 F Fargo ND USA
11551 3-Feb Klabunde, Lori 51 F Bismarck ND USA
19791 2-Mar Kungel, Nicole R 36 F Fargo ND USA
18806 1-Mar Lein, Kathryn A. 50 F Bismarck ND USA
19707 2-Mar McCullough, Sarah 51 F Bismarck ND USA
8870 9-Jan Mcelrath, Dan W 44 M New Salem ND USA
14559 6-Feb Meyer, Kellie J. 26 F Wahpeton ND USA
7834 8-Jan Momerak, Mark 0 56 M Bismarck ND USA
25679 8-Mar Nash, David E. 59 M Bismarck ND USA
16068 8-Feb Owen, Jon 58 M Luverne ND USA
8852 9-Jan Perry, Jamerson D. 42 M Bismarck ND USA
2752 3-Jan Reed, Jake 24 M Grand Forks ND USA
15209 7-Feb Schwab, Sarah 30 F Grand Forks ND USA
7518 8-Jan Short, Martin 44 M Grand Forks ND USA
11161 3-Feb Simon, Eugene 48 M Fargo ND USA
8853 9-Jan Tyler, James A Jr. 50 M Bismarck ND USA
2441 3-Jan Wallin, Chad 34 M Minot ND USA
15148 7-Feb Wanner, Allison E. 27 F Fargo ND USA
11692 3-Feb Wood, Miriam M 31 F Grand Forks ND USA