This is the time of year where the emergency rooms are busy with bumps and bruises from people slipping on ice. Some of these falls can result in serious injuries.

Plus with the warmer temperatures this weekend, and the refreezing or known as "dawn freeze" in the over night hours, you'll sure to encounter patches of ice.

According to The Health and Safety Authority, the best advice for walking on ice are

  • Don't walk on ice unless you have to
  • Allow extra time for your journey
  • If you must walk on ice/ snow slow down, bend your knees slightly and take shorter strides or shuffle
  • Keep hands free and out of pockets
  • Exercise extreme caution if carrying loads
  • Use hand-rails or other aids where provided

And by all means, if you see someone slip on the ice, offer them a hand in getting up!

Enjoy the melt down this weekend!

(source-The Health and Safety Authority)